Kornr Store, the neighborhood market


Many Detroit neighborhoods severely lack LIFE ESSENTIALS I take for granted on a daily basis -access to healthy food and drink options, personal and home goods, and the Internet.  We could have a long discussion on the "whys, " but I would rather focus on a solution and create a "why not. "

My solution is to get back to basics, get back to what many of us growing up knew as the "corner store" in our neighborhoods. There, we could purchase our life essentials, catch up on what was going on (old school internet), and walk away with some encouragement, hope, a sense of community, and maybe even some love

My solution is KORNR STORE, a neighborhood market in Detroit's NW Goldberg neighborhood located at 6224 16th Street, Detroit, MI 48208. Google Map

Actually, when you think about it, those corner stores in our neighborhoods years ago were the original 15-minute, walkable neighborhoods.

Developed by P8 Real Estate Solutions,  KORNR STORE NWG will carry a mix of LIFE ESSENTIALS - some pre-packaged fruits and vegetables, staple foods (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.), a coffee bar, prepackaged breakfast and lunch foods, snacks, beverages along with a small mix of products from local Detroit small businesses.

KORNR store is a small build project with a focus on neighborhood connection, walkability, some green space and ESG initiatives (Environmental, Social, Governance).  But the most important of all - to provide an inclusive, encouraging, and positive atmosphere for our neighborhood residents, seniors, and guests who live, work, and visit nearby cherished historical neighborhood anchors like the Motor City Museum, Henry Ford Hospital, New Center, North End and Midtown and surrounding neighborhoods.

Listen to our story and the challenges of small-scale development,  
Podcast - Rethink Real Estate For Good from @smallchage.co 

6224 16th Street, Detroit, MI 48208
the neighborhood market

working to change the world, one neighborhood at a time

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