19 Nov

Hello NW Goldberg,

Received notice yesterday that Mr. Albert Crockett, the owner of Crockett Grocery passed this week.  Prayers and condolences to the Crockett family.

I had the honor of having a wonderful conversation with Mr. Crockett last year after purchasing the then vacant Crockett Grocery store located at 6224 16th Street, Detroit, MI.  I often think about our conversation and consider how difficult it was for a Black man to start a small business in a neighborhood ravaged by the 1967 riots.  But he did it.  Mr. Albert Crockett left a beautiful legacy of service and fond memories for those that had the opportunity to shop in his store.

Attached is a recording of Mr. Crockett as he shares his story of starting Crockett Grocery.  Click link to listen,  Mr. Albert Crockett, Crockett Grocery Store

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